Optimize and predict your next starting formulation online, instantly

  • Looking to reduce preformulation trial and error?
  • Wondering if your API or formulation is suitable for direct compression?
  • Trying to optimize the ingredients from multiple suppliers in your OSDF formulation?
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With ZoomLab™, BASF’s science-based formulation prediction and optimization tool, you can find solutions to all of these formulation challenges and more! There is no download required – everything is available online 24/7. All you have to do is enter a few physical properties of the API (which you can keep confidential!) and the target dosage. Let ZoomLab™ take care of the rest!

Curious how it works? Click on Methodology to learn more!

Discover for yourself just how fast and easy it is to formulate with ZoomLab™ by signing up today - for free!

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